All hotels in our Eden Hotel Group offer a lowest Internet rate guarantee, so customers booking via our website(s) can feel secure in the knowledge they are getting THE best rate available in the market.

Should customers source a lower published rate online at any of our hotels for the same room and booking conditions on the day of booking, we will match it and discount it by a further 10%.

Eden Hotel Group includes the following hotels:

Sapa Eden hotel
Address: No 60 Fansipan street – Sapa Town,Sapa,Lao Cai, VietNam
Tel: +84. 203873663 / 2038736664 – Fax: +84.203876665

Elysian Sapa Hotel
Address: 038 Cau May street, Sapa Town, Sapa, Lao Cai, Vietnam.
Tel: +84.203871238 - Fax: +84.203871263

Sapa Lodge Hotel
Address: 018A Muong Hoa St, Sapa Town, Sapa,Lao Cai, Vietnam
Tel: +84.203772885/+84.203773115 - Fax: +84.203773113
E-mail: -

Eden Suites Hotel
Address: 022 Muong Hoa St, Sapa Town, Sapa,Lao Cai, Vietnam
Tel: +84.203772886/5 – Fax: +84.203773113

For a claim to be valid under this guarantee, it must satisfy all Terms and Conditions and be submitted to in compliance with the following procedures:

If you find and advise Eden Hotels on the day of making a reservation on any of our hotels’ branded websites of a lower, published, available Internet room rate for the same hotel and same number of persons, room and bed type, we will honor the rate and discount it by a further 10%
The guarantee applies to a lower Internet rate with booking rules that are the same as the booking rules of the hotel’s branded website.
In the event of a multiple nights stay, the guarantee will compare total room cost of the entire stay as booked on the hotel’s branded website with the total room cost of the entire stay found at a lower Internet rate with similar booking conditions.
The Guarantee does not apply to the following rate types:
Rates that are not publicly available, such as negotiated corporate or group rates
Discount rates offered only to members of groups or individuals who meet previously specified criteria, including AAA members, seniors and government employees
Package rates that include the room and other components such as travel, car hire, entertainment, and/or non-breakfast meals
Package or group add-on rates that extend the length of stay
Rates negotiated for stays extending beyond 30 days
Rates that are available on auction websites
Rates available on websites that do not disclose the hotel brand until the reservation is complete
Pre-paid rates that involve a voucher (including electronic vouchers) for a hotel stay

We will compare the rates net of any taxes, gratuities or any other fees associated with the room rate

In the unlikely event you should need to claim against this guarantee:

Forward your Eden hotel booking confirmation email with booking reference together with the website address of where you found the lower rate (if possible please include a screen shot of the room and rate)
Claim should be made within 24 hours of your booking with us and we will investigate and reply to you within one working day.
Should the claim be valid we will amend your room rate which you will pay on departure inclusive of the further 10% discount.
Please send only correspondence regarding Price Guarantee by email to
Please Note: the above email address is for Price guarantee claims only.